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7 Different Types of Yoga

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The word ‘Yoga’ arrived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means to bind. The main advantage of yoga is that it is easy to do and is suitable for people of any age group.  

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7 different types of yoga practiced among people

In old times, there were 6 different types of yoga practiced around the world, but nowadays 7th type of yoga which is most known among people has come into picture: Bikram Yoga. If you live in North Shore Sydney and want to hire a yoga trainer then you can look for private yoga north shore sydney.

Here comes the list of all 7 yoga:

  1.    Hatha
  2.    Raja
  3.    Karma
  4.    Bhakti
  5.    Jnana
  6.    Tantra
  7.    Bikram

types of yoga

  •    Hatha yoga

The meaning of the word ‘Hatha’ is the sun; this yoga is most commonly practiced in the western hemisphere with two important principles:

  1.    Meditation
  2.    To improve energy in the body
  •    Raja yoga

Here the word ‘Raja’ means Royal. Raja yoga is quite difficult than Hatha yoga and needs more control and self-discipline. Its motive is to achieve awakening and enlightenment.

  •    Karma Yoga

Karma yoga is all about the discipline of action. It was founded by Bhagavad Gita. The motive of this type of yoga is to purify mind, heart and help you to get rid of negative thinking.

  •    Bhakti Yoga

This yoga is all about divine love and faith and is a spiritual type of yoga and very similar to Karma yoga. In this, people devote time to all living things and offer forgiveness and practice tolerance.

  •    Jnana Yoga

Its aim is to clear the mind and release the negative energy from body and mind and this yoga helps you to take the path to enlightenment.

  •    Tantra Yoga

Tantra yoga is most preferred by the people as it expands your mind so that you can easily gain access to all levels of consciousness and also helps you to feel sexually well.

  •    Bikram yoga

Initially, Bikram yoga was not included in the types of yoga. Afterward, it was added to the list of different yoga with 26 postures and 2 forms of breathing exercises. 

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