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A Brief Introduction To Eating Disorder Named Binge

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There are plenty of disorders, out of which Binge Eating Disorder is diagnosed more than any other eating disorder among people.

This disorder is associated with changing mood swings, people eat food to satisfy their emotional cravings in order to cope with them. People even binge when they undergo any undesirable emotion, like anger, grief, or despair.  

Eating disorder treatment centers like turning tides Jacksonville are working really hard to put together their day and night efforts to reduce the number of such people and let them lead their life normally.

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Eating disorders can be fatal, if not controlled on or before it is too late.

Another major reason behind binging is “shear boredom”.  People do not know how to deal with their “life” anymore without food.

Basically, such people, do not eat food, they use food as a coping apparatus to make them feel better and content.  

People suffering from binging, experience various stages, some of them are mentioned below, but not necessary that everyone experience the same, they do vary, differently in different people:

  1. Feeling a loss of control while eating, eating quickly than the average person.
  2. Eating large amounts of food even when they do not feel hungry,
  3. Feeling better eating unaccompanied because the amount of food is usually large.
  4. Feeling of guilt and disgust while eating more.
  5. Even feel ashamed of themselves, after a binge occurs.
  • There are lots of worst consequences related to bingeing:
  1. High blood pressure,
  2. Heart disease,
  3. diabetes, and obesity.
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These are just to name a few complications that can ascend when people binge.

Numerous people even become sick from a binge because the foods that they chose to binge on are not at all nutritious. The foods are jam-packed of sugar and fat and this, perceptibly, is very morbid.

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