About Us


Welcome to My Healthy World.


Our company is founded on a simple mission statement: educate and empower kids and families to live healthier lives!

The upward trend in childhood obesity and diabetes in our country is highly disturbing. Left unchecked, this epidemic can blight many young lives and darken our future as a nation.

We offer an innovative mobile app platform that engages children and their families in building practical approaches to healthier living. We’re not about lecturing kids. A shortage of lectures is not the problem. Rather, we mobilize kid’s natural curiosity and creativity to undertake exciting projects in nutrition, fitness and preventive care. Through this experiential learning, well grounded in standards-based instruction, children undertake their own “voyage of discovery” toward healthier living.

We appreciate your interest in My Healthy World. Come join with us to build a healthier future.

Nelson Rosenbaum, CEO