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Addressing The Problem Of Disruptive Behavior Disorders

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There is no standard definition of the term disruptive behavior of a physician. Many professional and authorities include any behavior that shows disrespect for others and any interpersonal interaction that prevents the delivery of patient care and impacts badly on the quality of healthcare services as a behavior of a disruptive physician.

Basically, disruptive behavior by physicians undermines the organization’s ability to develop a culture of safety and affect the staff relationships.  A disruptive behavior of a physician must be addressed and reported early because it creates an environment in which the staff and patients are frequently demeaned or harassed which leads to a poor communication and a bad patient care. 

disruptive physician behavior

Every medical organization and all of the medical executive must educate themselves on how to report unsafe working conditions and the misbehave of any physician and staff.

Surely, a workplace culture that allows demeaning or insulting behavior is likely to be one in which workers are blamed and shamed for making an error. The seriousness of this issue was underscored by a 2008 Joint Commission sentinel event alert, which called attention to this problem.

Therefore, all of the medical associations that found any kind of misbehavior and disrespect should address the problems in the early stage so that it can not harm the quality of patient care. 

disruptive physician

In fact, according to the recent studies, 90% of the nurse department left their jobs just because of the harassment and the disruptive physician behaviors. So the problem of a disruptive physician behavior must be reported on a right time to make it sure that no staff and patient care is getting affected by the improper behavior of a physician.

Recent studies have also identified promising ways to identify clinicians at risk for disruptive behavior, remediate such clinicians, and decrease these behaviors to avoid institutional disruption. This useful article will help you in determining how to report the disruptive behavior and why it is so important in healthcare.