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All About Senior Assisted Community

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Adult children who want their elders to be in a more safe environment, or people who have reached an age when their tastes find it difficult to function in”younger” communities, pushes a closer look at a senior assisted living Florence community arrangement. Moreover, other seniors have developed physical limitations which make it a challenge to live alone. Either way, making the move to an assisted living community can be a difficult decision.

For families or people unfamiliar with what constitutes a senior assisted living area, reputable communities will be able to reassure the choice by sharing the knowledge of how they make distinctions between certain physical requirements. The distinctions determine a hierarchy of living structures within the same community. Designed to foster independence as long as possible, staff are also responsive to people who, as they age, will require extra aid.

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To portray an idea of how a senior assisted living community functions, the degree of liberty is:


High Degree of independence:

  • Seniors who prefer living in a”low-key” environment, near medical facilities due to a chronic health condition
  • or may also need occasional temporary regular medical attention for wound care or surgery recovery.

Otherwise, they are

  • able to take care of daily grooming and dressing
  • able to keep premises clean and in order (optional assistance)
  • some are able to use a computer
  • able to keep track of financial responsibilities
  • able to prepare foods, or may order meals delivered
  • able to drive, or may prefer to use the regular van service
  • social participation

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