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How Are Dental Assistants Trained?

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In the medical field, dental assistants have great career opportunities and for this reason, this profession is getting popular among students. For taking the role of dental assistant, you have to go through a one year of a training course in dental assisting.

In addition, a Certificate III in dental assisting. Dental training courses focus on the overall development of the student. There are various private institutes who are offering courses in dental assisting.


Before choosing a training center you need to ensure that training institutes are authorized and maintain the standard of Australian Skills Quality Authority. If you are looking for the dental assistant training course you can contact professionals at Australian Academy of Dental Assisting (Here’s the official website link:

What to expect from dental assisting course?

In this course, you will learn practical techniques along with basic dental theories and terms. All these dental institutes mainly focus on practical knowledge. Dental assistant training courses are competency-based and focus on the skills required to become a qualified dental assistant.

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In training courses, you will get training on the real patients under the supervision of expert dentists. On successful completion of dental assistant training course, you will be awarded Certificate III in Dental Assisting then you can work anywhere as a Dental Assistant anywhere in the country.

In the training period you will have to go through the following curriculum:

  • 3 days orientation program at dental clinic
  • 1-2 days online study per week
  • 3 days per week placement in dental practice to provide hands-on training
  • Assessment by professional at various stages of training

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For completion of the dental assisting course, you require first aid certificate. Dental assistant training course focuses on the technical skills of the student and enables you to be productive from the day first on work. You can click here to get more information on dental assisting course.