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Different Kinds Of Massages And Their Benefits

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The word massage arose from the French word which means “friction of kneading”. It is a method that includes pressure to certain parts of the body. This can be done either manually or using mechanical tools. The massages done manually are more beneficial to us. These massages can be done using hands, elbows, feet or only fingers.

These are more than 150 types of massages around the world, but only some of them become more popular than the others. Various spas like a spa in Long Island have adopted these famous massage techniques for providing benefits to their clients.

One of the famous types of massage which is known to be the most relaxing is Swedish massage. In this massage, the muscles are rubbed smoothly to make better blood flow to the heart. Besides the relaxing effect that people can get, this type of massage gives a lot more than that. It can improve body flexibility and whole blood circulation, increase the oxygen level in the blood and helps to clean our body from toxins.

Couples massage in Long Island is gaining popularity. It is a great way of enjoying the relaxation with the company of someone you really care and love. These massages help to light up the romance between couples. Many psychiatrists say that if there are problems between the couples, this type of massage can help to resolve it and save their relationship.    

Another type of massage that helps you reduce tensions is the trigger point massage. The trigger point affects many other parts of the body as it is the source of the pain. A trigger point at the neck may cause a severe headache. This trigger point massage helps to reduce the pain. Even with regular treatments of this kind of massage helps people to reduce stress and chronic pain.

Acupressure is another type of massage to improve blood flow and increase body energy. It helps in reducing stress and boost the sleeping quality. Hence, the body will have better resistance and will help people stay healthy for a longer time.

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