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Different Types Of Hair Extensions – A Brief Guide

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Hair extensions are very popular among women of all ages all around the world. The reason behind is that with the help of extensions not just they add length and volume to the natural hair, but they also make hair look more glamorous.

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With so many varieties of high quality hair extensions available in the market, it becomes extremely imperative to identify types of hair extensions as only then you can select most appropriate extension for yourself, one that blends perfectly with your natural hair and gives a flawless and attractive appearance.

There are two main types of hair extensions:

  • Synthetic hair extensions
  • Human hair extensions

natural hair extension

Below mentioned are the pros of using Human Hair Extensions:

  • Human extensions are made up of 100 % real human hair and vary greatly in texture and color, that is why it is easy to find a perfect match. They are typically made from European, Russian, Chinese and Indian hair.
  • Human extensions that are not chemically treated are made from what is called virgin hair, this type of hair is the best as far as health and texture are concerned.
  • These can be treated with heat and chemicals to change the style and color occasionally.

synthetic clip in hair extension

Below mentioned are the pros of using Synthetic Hair Extensions:

  • The choice of color is broader and crazier than in human hair extensions.
  • They are pre-styled and can resist rain and humidity, unlike natural human hair.
  • Contrary to the popular belief these kinds of extensions can look extremely natural and blend in perfectly with your own hair.
  • They don’t get tangled very easily and require less maintenance.
  • They are more budget friendly.

Whether you have chopped your hair or you are not able to grow long hair naturally, these extensions are just perfect solution to add length instantly to your natural hair. You could check here the detailed benefits of using custom-made hair extensions.