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Food and Feed Safety System and Analysis

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The general principle for the safety of food and feed associated with harmful compounds are described and developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and further explained in European Union-funded project Safe Foods.

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High-quality sampling should always be used to ensure the use of acceptable and representative samples as test material for risk identification, toxicological and nutritional characterization of identified risk, as well as for approximating quantitative and consistent exposure levels of food and feed related combination of concern for humans and animals.

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The importance of representative sampling is underlined through examples of risk analyses in different areas of food and feed production. The theory of sampling is considered as the only agenda to ensure correctness and exactness of all sampling steps involved in field-to-fork range, which is important to monitor food and feed safety.

So, TOS must be combined in a well-recognized FAO/WHO risk assessment approach in order to warranty a transparent and correct frame for the risk assessment and decision-making process.

In food and feed safety management, there must be an expert in microbiology hygiene, food science and technology, public health as well as in agriculture practices, animal nutrition, risk analysis and elaboration of control system like HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).


Food and feed safety experts for human health targets on enhancing and broadening knowledge and skills in food and feed safety and their effect on human health, with properly arranged classroom lectures, lab and practical activities, visit to farms, feed and food industries, individual and group learning and internship.

The applicants will expand and grow their knowledge and abilities in the following subjects:

1. Safety calculation of feed for livestock.
2. Assessment of the main hygienic characteristics of food.
3. Formation of a self-control planning on HACCP in food and feed industries.
4. Observing farm activities following bio safety criteria.
5. Execution of chemical and physical analysis on food.

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The food and feed safety program inspire information sharing, support harmonized practices and common framework in food and feed safety assessment. The outputs are supposed to be used by governments (risk and safety assistants), industry (novel food and feed makers), other stakeholders as well as the scientific community.

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