Health e-Platform


platform pic 1My Healthy World’s innovative e-platform is organized into a set of three distinct, yet complimentary mobile applications called Eat Healthy, Live Healthy and Stay Healthy. Together, these courses provide a comprehensive approach for teaching health and wellness. By addressing diet and nutrition, exercise and fitness, as well as disease prevention and management, our curriculum offers an integrated approach to teaching individuals essential skills for healthy living.

My Healthy World courses are based on generally-accepted curriculum standards for health and wellness education.  Each lesson is aligned carefully with National Health Education Standards as well as state adaptations of these standards. In addition, the MHW coursework reinforces core subject competency by integrating with Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and/or Math.

icons appsEat Healthy! Focuses on building nutrition knowledge and awareness; assessment of favorite foods; creating a food journal; analyzing current eating habits; planning for creative snacks and family dinner menus.

Live Healthy! Focuses on building fitness knowledge and awareness; creating an exercise diary, analyzing fitness favorites; and planning for personal fitness.

Stay Healthy! Focuses on building preventive care knowledge and awareness; creating a personal health records of visits and vaccinations; managing chronic and communicable diseases, and planning for long-term good health.

platform pic 2My Healthy World coursework is designed around four foundational principles that, in combination with our integrated approach, provide users with a uniquely engaging experience. In addition to influencing change on an individual level, our programs help to shape and reinforce group norms that value healthy habits and lifestyles.

Principle 1

Experiential Learning: Students learn by doing. This is why the MHW curriculum includes many project-based learning exercises that reinforce a strong didactic foundation.

Principle 2
Social Networking: Students learn by sharing and comparing with their peers. MHW has built a strong social networking component into the curriculum, including frequent presentations of projects to fellow classmates.

Principle 3
Parental and Community Involvement: Students cannot succeed in adopting healthy habits and behaviors without the support of parents and community institutions. We have therefore built numerous opportunities for engagement throughout our courseware.

Principle 4
Web and Mobile Technology: Modern technology provides unparalleled opportunities for taking learning outside the classroom and into the realm of everyday experience. To facilitate that learning, we have made the MHW curriculum available on a wide range of web and mobile platforms.