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Importance of Gas Masks and Filters In US Military

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The gas mask is a device which is used to aid and protect the user from inhaling harmful chemicals, biological agents, smoke and other poisonous fumes. This device has been used for many years by different people and for different reasons too.

The invention of the first gas mask was made during a war in France when the Germany army forces made use of chlorine gas to attack the French forces.

There were many inventors who created useful products such as helmets to protect the head and face from harmful elements, and provided breathable air and filtered out some potentially harmful substances such as smoke and debris.

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But the need of gas mask went into full-scale production immediately after the heinous attack by the Germans against the French.

There were some basic gas masks before the attack that were manufactured in limited numbers for the miners, deep sea divers, and firefighters.

Soon these gas masks became popular among US military forces to protect the soldiers from harmful chemical and biological weapon attacks. You can find high-quality gas masks from a military surplus store near your place.

The high-quality gas masks provide protection from all the known harmful agents present in the air. The mask has different components such as filter, facepiece. The elements present inside the filter removes all the harmful agents from entering the gas mask.

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The military forces also make use of latest gas masks such as Israeli military gas masks that has inbuilt systems that help to facilitates communication. It consists of a tube for drinking water and faces pieces that helps in protecting the eye lenses and prevents fogging.

The mask is generally packed in a carrier that contains other items such as nerve agent kit and antidote for nerve agents. It contains a waterproof bag in order to protect the filter elements of the gas mask from water damage.

Other components that are attached to a gas mask carrier are mask hoods to protect the head and the neck area, a winterization kit to prevent frost accumulation etc.