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k12 pic 2To combat the alarming rise in childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes among youth, K-12 schools are increasingly focused on teaching students how to live healthier lives.  Our MHW health e-curriculum directly addresses this trend by providing a new and engaging way of teaching health and wellness education in the schools. A number of recent developments have spurred our approach:

  • In its May 2012 report Accelerating Progress in Obesity Prevention, the Institute of Medicine calls on schools to become “a national focal point for obesity prevention”.
  • A major study reported in the New England Journal of Medicine (April 2012) found that anti-diabetes drugs like Metformin have less than expected efficacy among diabetic youth (Type 2), thus placing a premium on improving diets and encouraging more active lives.
  • More than two dozen states have recently strengthened curriculum standards and requirements for health and wellness education.

family cooking 2The My Healthy World product platform focuses on educating and empowering youth to adopt healthy habits and behaviors during the formative school years. Our three, core 12-week courses – Eat Healthy, Live Healthy,and Stay Healthy – are offered in flexible sequence to school districts that adapt and integrate the digital curriculum into their current offerings.

MHW is currently piloting its middle school curriculum in more than ten Title 1 elementary and middle schools (Grades 4-8) in the Baltimore/DC, Phoenix and Los Angeles markets, with a total enrollment of more than 2000 students. These partnerships facilitate the sharing of valuable student and instructor feedback, enabling us to refine and expand our curriculum to meet the educational needs of diverse age groups, cultures/languages, teaching styles, and skill levels. Product extensions to Grades K-3 and 9-12 are planned.