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NIR – The Best Option For Skin Tightening Procedure

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When we start getting older our skin loses its tightness. It’s a natural process that everyone has to face once in a lifetime. Skin hanging/loosening leads to wrinkles i.e. its a sign of ageing.

If you are worried about your sagging and tired face there are different skin tightening procedures available in the skin clinic Windsor where experts give you the best skin treatment. Skin tightening improves the health of your skin.

skin Tightening

In this article, we will discuss successful skin tightening procedure i.e. Near Infra Red Skin Tightening that you can opt for so that your skin will glow and no longer look saggy.

What Is Near Infrared Skin Tightening?

NIR is a successful procedure of skin tightening in which you can get younger looking skin at affordable prices than Botox or plastic surgery. It will cause less damage to your skin.

skin type

Suits for all skin types

NIR skin tightening can be done for all skin types and people generally get it done on the face, arms, thighs, abdomen and eye-bags because these areas are prominent to sag.


In this process, infrared light is used that penetrates the deeper layer of skin. Collagen fibre i.e. present in the tissue start contracting. It also stimulates fibroblast to repair your skin. It doesn’t hamper the epidermal layer of your skin. This is the most popular method most of the people are opting for. The professionals of skin tightening Ontario gives you smooth skin which you have wished for.

instant effect

Instant Effect

After 24 hours of treatment, you can feel the obvious change in the skin and after two to three days changes to your skin is also visible to others as well.

Number of time person go to the clinic

This will depend upon the nature of your skin. Doctors will fix the frequency accordingly.

Ageing is the natural process and no cosmetic product will ever stop your ageing but it will help to slow down its effect. Skin tightening procedure such as NIR is the best method you should opt after consulting your dermatologist. Check out here to know the pros and cons of the non-surgical procedures so that you can act wisely.