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What Is Root Canal Treatment Procedure?

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In Root canal treatment, there is the removal of dental pulp when it gets infected or dead. The dental pulp contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. Generally, the dental pump is extended from the crown to the bottom of the root. You can even go for advanced dental care Brooklyn for the root canal treatment.

During root canal treatment, the tooth is called endodontically treated teeth. The main reasons that cause the dental pump infections are:

Root Canal Treatment Procedure

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  • Lack of treatment of dental caries and its progression to the pulp
  • Trauma to the tooth
  • The cumulative effect of different dental procedures performed

The removal of the infected dental pump will prevent the infection to progress. If it is not treated, it can destroy the bone surrounding the tooth, or it can spread to other areas of the oral cavity.

The Procedure For Root canal Treatment

  • In root canal treatment, a cavity is carved through the enamel and dentin in order to access the dental pulp.
  • To draw the same nerves, files are inserted
  • The teeth are between one and four channels and it is important to extract all the pulp canals of the tooth.
  • After the removal of the pump, the wall of the ducts is regularized and smoothed in order to eliminate crevices.
  • At last when the duct is properly treated then they are sealed internally with an inert material which is also known as gutta-percha. This material seals any leakage in order to avoid contamination.

Root Canal Treatment

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How long dental root canal treatment continues?

A root canal treatment usually takes 2 to 4 appointment. The treatment can also be completed in a single session if the dental pulp is necrotic or has no injury.

How can pain be prevented during the procedure?

Anesthesia is used during root canal treatment in order to prevent the pain during the procedure. There can be a mild discomfort during the recovery procedure.