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What Is Scoliosis and How Scoliosis Treatment from Chiropractors Helpful?

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Scoliosis is an unusual fluctuation or condition of the spine that can cause distressing health problems. Scoliosis condition usually develops during early age of the child. It can occur in both girls and boys.

Early detection is very essential and also beneficial as the treatment can be given to the patient, which in turn helps in preventing further progression or development of scoliosis.

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The spine of the body is generally straight from the front but when you see it from the side, you will observe three curves. However, when the spine appears to be in the ‘S’ or ‘C’ shape even from the front, then this is known as scoliosis.

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The spine has 24 bones which are known as vertebrae.  These bones are in forms of columns and are known as the spinal column.

The main function of the spinal column is to protect the spinal cord which is situated inside. A scoliosis is a kind of disorder of spinal misalignment that applies pressure on the spinal cord, therefore, causes a minimum flow of life from the brain to the body.

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Once scoliosis progresses, it can cause problems to the other organs of the body too. Scoliosis condition leads to terrible muscle spasms, stiffness, back pain, neck pain and sometimes headaches.

Scoliosis can be easily identified and evaluated by a qualified specialist like chiropractor Singapore.

These medical experts are specialized in analyzing spinal condition and correction of spinal issues. The chiropractors will conduct a thorough spinal examination before starting any treatment.

Signs of a Scoliosis Conditions are listed below:

  1. You may have one shoulder higher than the other one.
  2. One shoulder blade is popping out than other.
  3. A bulge on one side of the rib along the spine area.
  4. Head is tilted.

The benefits of chiropractic care for scoliosis conditions are listed below:

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  1. Improvement in the body posture.
  2. Improvement in the mobility.
  3. Reduction of pain due to scoliosis
  4. Improvement in functioning of the entire body
  5. Reduction in the muscle spasm and stiffness
  6. Chiropractic eliminates the need for surgery