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Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention And Treatment Of Tooth Decay

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One of the most common health problems the whole world is facing today is “Tooth decay.” Tooth decay is also known as caries or cavities.


It is not possible for a normal human being to figure out the cavity in early stages. Early cavities do not have any symptoms. When cavities progress extensively causing white spots on enamels and start decay of enamel, one gets to know about the cavities. It is the last stage of early cavities when you come to know about it.


Unfortunately, if you noticed the brown spot on the tooth, feeling pain or a toothache while eating or drinking food, it means cavities get deeper and it is the time to visit a dentist. Visit dentist Garden Grove if you have sensation feeling while eating food.

Diagnosis and Prevention

Dentist inspects the tooth using a tool to locate the area that gets damaged. Dentists take X-rays to find the early stages decay and to figure out whether decay has reached to pulp or not.


Some dentists use dye method to diagnose decayed area. Some use new modern laser techniques to find out early stages decay as well. Prevention of tooth decay is not a rocket science. You just need to brush your teeth with fluoride-rich toothpaste twice in a day and using antibacterial rinses to reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth.


Depending on the damage caused by decay, your dentist will choose an appropriate treatment for you. When decay has eroded the enamel of your tooth filling is used. During filling, the dentist will first numb the area then the cavity will be cleaned using a drill and filled by dental amalgam or composite resin.

dentist treatment

If decay has gone deeper to the pulp and causing severe pain, your dentist will go for the root canal treatment. When your enamel is destroyed badly, the dentist will remove the decay and cover the tooth with ceramic inlay or crown.

Prevention is easier than treatment. Moreover, natural tooth cannot be restored. It is necessary to take care of tooth to prevent such situation. You can visit this website to get more information on tooth decay.