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Tips To Select The Best Yoga Teacher Training Course

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If you want to be a good Yoga teacher, it is important that you choose a good Yoga training course. To make it easy for you, the whole process of choosing a course is broken down into four simple questions.

How long should the course be?

The length of most of the courses is 200 hours. And if you want to be a Yoga teacher, it is mandatory to have a minimum of 200-hours YTT. A 300 hour course is more appropriate for intermediate or advanced yogis.

When 200 hour training is combined with 300, it becomes 500 hour training. The longer will be the hours, the more you need to spend on the course. A 200-hour course generally gets completed within 20 to 30 days, while a 300-hour course takes 30 to 40 days to complete.

Yoga Teacher Training Course

A 500-hour training course can last up to 70 days or even more.

What forms of yoga should I teach?

What are the most popular types of Yoga forms that most of the people are interested in? The Hatha yoga tradition is a type of Yoga that is very famous among people. But other styles of Yoga are gaining popularity too.

If you love athletics, you may try Ashtanga yoga teacher training. If you feel comfortable in breath and meditation, Kundalini yoga teacher training will be best suitable for you. You may choose any type of Yoga provided it resonates with you and your practice.

Yoga Teacher Training

Where should I go?

Once you know which type of yoga course you are interested in, the next thing you have to do is to decide on a place from where you will obtain your certification.

You may always choose local institutions, but in case traveling is not a problem for you, go for options outside your place. You may visit to get the best Yoga teacher training course.

How much should I spend?

Cost is one of the main factors in deciding a yoga course. It is very important to consider whether you can afford a particular yoga course or not. Most of the yoga teacher training courses provide an all-inclusive package including tuition, accommodation as well as food.