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Tips For Self Examination For Detecting Skin Cancer

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In recent years the number of people who have or suffering from skin cancer has increased drastically. This is due to various reasons, and the most common reason is the exposure to harmful UV rays.

skin cancer detection app using AI
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Also, the deadliest of all types of skin cancer is the melanoma cancer. The best way to survive skin cancer is the early diagnosis. This you can do through self-examination of your body using a skin cancer detection app.

To use them you just need to click a picture of the spot like a mole that you are doubtful about and then the app will show the results whether you are suffering from skin cancer, any other skin condition or not.

In case, you spot anything you might feel a problem, consult an oncologist or dermatologist on an immediate basis. As a little caution from your side may help you with a big problem.

Tips for self-examination:

Moles come in many shapes, sizes and forms that can tell us important things about our skin health. Check your skin for these signs during self-examinations:

  • Asymmetrical – In case, half a mole does not match the other half, there is an issue. Any mole that increases in size should be reported to the doctor. 
moles identified using skin cancer detection app
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  • Border – The border of the mole should not be ragged, notched or blurred.
  • Colors – The mole contains at least two distinct colors or if, the mole is a mixture of brown, black and tan contact a doctor.
  • Diameter – The mole is bigger than ¼ inch or 6 mm across.
  • Enlargement – The mole grows in size over time

The best way to know if a mole of any kind is safe or at risk is to check them frequently. Any changes are usually a sign that the mole should be checked out by a doctor. You may hop over to this site to read how it is found out that AI is better as a dermatologist in detecting skin cancer.