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Treating Your Child’s Open Wounds

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Children love to play a lot and hence they are more prone to open injuries. It is possible that they may cut their finger or hit their head. These little things should not bother you as the human body is capable of regenerating tissues and healing itself.

What you need to know is how to treat a wound or injury so that it does not get worse and healing process could start immediately. Treating the open wounds of your child is very simple and easy. You just need to have a band-aid, antiseptic cream, tourniquet kit and like things.

Treating Your Child’s Open Wounds

You need to be calm in such situations because little kids have this feeling of mutilation; they think that they will lose that part of the body. So you have to act smartly. Here are some tips that will help you in dealing with such kind of situations.

Be calm

It is not good for parents to look shocked or puzzled after seeing the wound. These types of gestures will only increase the fear of the child and will not be helpful in the treatment process. Whenever your child runs to you showing his wounds, keep your shocked reactions to yourself and start treating the wounds.

Treating burns

Wash with water

If the wound is very minor, take it under the water and keep there for two to three minutes. Wash the wound with water and a mild soap. After that, do not forget to dab the wound dry with the help of a towel. Rubbing the wounds can intensify the pain, so avoid it.

Apply Pressure

If the wound is big, showing lots of blood, your first priority should be to apply pressure to the wound. Apply pressure with the help of hands to efficiently reduce the bleeding. Get a clean cloth or towel and place it directly on the wound for some time.

Tourniquet kit

Large wounds can be treated with the help of a tourniquet. If you do not have a tourniquet you may buy it from any medical store. You may take help from the internet to know where to buy tourniquet of high quality.

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