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Various Popular Drugs testing  Methods

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The need for drugs screening kit has been increased over the past few years. There are many effective options available for drug testing. Most of them are urinalysis or blood, hair, sweat or saliva-based test. All types are reliable in making a preliminary drug use determination.


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Drugs test strips, drug test cup, 5-panel urine test, 12-panel urine test are some widely used solutions to identify the various forms of drugs like  Amphetamine, Marijuana (THC), Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Barbiturate, Phencyclidine, Opiates, Methadone, Benzodiazepine, and Ecstasy in urine and saliva samples.

Classification of drug testing methods:

Urine Drug Screen: This is the most common and cost-efficient method to test the presence of a parent drug or its metabolites in urine. To test by urinalysis, cup form, dip form, and cassette are used.

The urine collected must be of normal body temperature to get the correct result.

One of the effective tests is 12 panel urine drug test which is used to check the presence of a number of drugs in a single sample at one time.


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Hair Testing: Hair analysis to detect drugs is used in criminal cases worldwide as forensic evidence. It is suitable to identify the abuse of drugs like Cannabis, Cocaine, Amphetamines, and Mephedrone.

Breath test: It is a widespread deep-lung breath test. Usually, a blow of 6-second breath is enough to determine the alcohol intoxication.

Saliva drug screen Or Oral fluid-based drug screen: It is an ideal testing method to detect recent use of drugs components. It also provides the more accurate report as compared to urine testing in case of urine adulteration.


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In addition to this methods, Sweat drug screen, blood test, and alcohol test are also in use according to the required case.

Almost in every human sphere, there is a need for these drug testing methods. Home drug testing used by parents to prevent teenagers habit, medical professionals utilize it to ensure proper detox, professionals use it for employment purposes and sports professional to select athletes.

To get the fact why drug screening is required, you may explore the web.