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Why Should You Wear Hand Wraps For Boxing?

Posted On March 6, 2018 at 6:50 am by / Comments Off on Why Should You Wear Hand Wraps For Boxing?

Hand wraps under gloves is essential to protect your hands from injury while boxing. This is the first thing, that boxing trainers tell their aspirants.

No doubt hand wraps provide extra-protection to the hands. Gloves absorb maximum impact and do the major work, but hand wraps are also quite handy when it comes to protecting the 27 small bones of the hand.

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Therefore, athletes who love boxing, MMA and any other combat sports, buy hand wraps with the boxing gloves. Some people think it is not necessary to wear hand wraps but playing a combat sport without adequate protection is not a good choice.

In boxing, there are two ways your hand can receive the impact. First is through striking and second is by blocking. In striking hand is used to harm the opponent. Boxer put the huge amount of energy and power in the punch to hit the opponent.

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Also, the padding of the fighting gloves is quite less as compared to the leather boxing gloves. The only way left to protect the hand is by wrapping your hand with hand wraps.    

The second way, your hand receive the impact is when the athlete tries to block the punches. You do not know where the punch will be coming from. So, it is not necessary that always back of your hand gets hit.

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Punches from the opponent can hit the side of the hands, wrist, palm or anywhere on the hands. Therefore, athlete wraps the knuckles, wrist, thumb, and fingers of the hand with hand wraps.

These are the reason why should you asked to wear the hand wraps for boxing. You can also navigate to this website to know more about the hand wraps.