Batman Is The Best Comic Book Character Ever Created

Some people claim that superheroes are no longer relevant in today's world. Golden Age characters like Superman struggle in contemporary contexts due to their flaws and limited storylines. One of the heroes that thrive in modern settings is Batman. You can also buy Batman comic books (also known as bande dessine batman in french language)online at affordable prices.

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The Caped Crusader is perhaps the most socially and culturally significant comic book character. He lives and fights against a world ruled by fear and evil. Is there anything different from today's world based on what we've seen this week?

Just this week the city of London was thrown into chaos by a group of rebellious young people. Without political will, this is simply an act of senseless violence by gangs who wish to spread fear and violence throughout the capital. What started as a small isolated incident quickly escalated into a nationwide pandemic of violence. It was then that I realized how important the character of Batman is to our modern society.

The most interesting thing about Batman is his origins. After witnessing the murder of his parents at the age of eight, Bruce Wayne was able to derail and grow into a vengeful psychopath.

An interesting idea arose in Alan Moore's Murderous Joke. The idea is that Batman and Joker are two opposite parallels. They are both victims of what Moore calls a "bad day", which sends them on a journey of madness. The origin of the Joker is that the loss of his wife and baby, followed by his disfigurement, drove him insane. Batman and Joker's decision separates them. Batman chooses to take advantage of his inner demons and use them to seek justice and fight crime.