Do you Know These 4 Shocking Facts About Asbestos?

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You may have heard about asbestos and its risk to humans. But those you know could only be half the things about the fibrous material. There are many interesting facts regarding the substance that you likely don’t know before today. It is essential to enhance your knowledge about the harmful component. Here are some rare facts about asbestos.

  1. Asbestos is Harmful When Disturbed: The substance gets in the air and becomes harmful only when it gets disturbed. It could be possible that your house already has asbestos and you are not aware of it. And if left undisturbed for some time, it will not create any health risk for you.
  2. Asbestos is Still Used in Multiple Products, legally: If you think that asbestos is banned and you won’t see it again, you are wrong. Many products still contain asbestos and are produced daily. And the more shocking part is that those are created legally. Some examples of such products include roofs, electrical wires, and insulation parts.
  3. Can’t Get Asbestos Symptoms After Years: You are completely wrong if you are thinking that only a week of cold, cough, and allergy are the serious asbestos symptoms. Sometimes, it takes decades or years to discover the exact problem. And, it could be quite late when you discover the problem, requiring a long treatment.
  4. Asbestos Fibres Remain in the Body: It is true. Believing that social media remedy about removing asbestos fibers from your body via home remedies can get you nowhere. Once you breathe in, the substance remains in the body.

Though you can get rid of it but only with special and serious medications and procedures. If you feel being at risk of infection, hiring a professional team for asbestos inspection in Newcastle could be a great help.

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