Do You Want to Increase Your Playing With Distortion Pedals?

You are now able to play the guitar with ease. Now you can play your favorite songs and solos easily. What are you going to do next? You need to satisfy your sweet tooth for the guitar with a great pedal that adds dimension and flavor. The guitar pedals are what distinguish the electric and acoustic guitars. You can express yourself through the notes you play and the tone they are played in.

You will notice a difference in the sound of your guitar if you add some distortion to it instead of using your amp distortion. A distortion pedal can be used to create a variety of distortions for your guitar, such as a heavy metal sound to blast out Metallica songs or a grunge effect to play your Nirvana licks. You can browse this link to learn more about distortion pedals.

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The use of distortion pedals is very simple. To use your first distortion pedal, you don't need to have a lot of knowledge. You only need to know how much distortion you like and then you can start playing. If you don't like the sound, just keep your fingers from getting too excited and your guitar will buzz all the time.

For me, heavy metal sounds are my favorite so I feel like I'm screaming with my guitar when I play solos. But I also know that everyone is different. When choosing your pedal, think about the songs you love and you'll likely come up with some sounds that you might like.

You need to invest in different pedals if you want your guitar-playing skills to grow. You'll be able to play different songs more accurately, have more fun playing your guitar, and you will be able to add variety to your playing.