Funeral Memorial Cards- Do Memorial Cards Have To Be Religious?

In a traditional sense, memorial cards tended to heavily involve religion, particularly Catholicism, whether it was a prayer or photo there was usually always some sort of connection to it.

Today a lot more people, particularly younger generations either aren’t practicing religion or don’t make faith a mainstay in their life, they don’t attend religious services or maybe don’t have any faith altogether! All of which is perfectly ok. Learn More Here about the memorial cards to know what you need for the best memorial cards.

Now begs the question, do memorial cards have to be religious?

Short answer – absolutely not!

If your loved one was not religious and did not practice religion please don’t feel any pressure to make a memorial card religious for the benefit of maybe family members or friends who expect it to be.

All too common we have the conversation with a customer where their loved one who passed was not religious and they want a memorial card that reflects this but another family member is religious and wants something religious included.

A memorial card is a deeply personal thing and is an opportunity for the family of the deceased to remember how they were and to share that with others. It should be an authentic representation of their memory and also emotive (if you want it that way of course!).