Information about Indoor Plants Homeowners Should be Aware of

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Indoor plants are known to be unique in every possible way. Capable of growing and surviving by offering little water and light, indoor plants are known to come in different sizes and types. Here’s additional information about indoor plants you must be aware of.

Depending on Qualities – The foliage of indoor plant must be thick which is also considered as a healthy plant. For root, it should be thick comprising of light color. One tip would be the roots of the plant must be visible by the eyes. Finally comes the disease part where a healthy indoor plant should be free of. Indication of a diseased indoor plant is the presence of sticky residue, bad odor, white dots etc.

Depending on Types – There are various types of indoor plants since it can grow under low light and water conditions. Here are a few.

  1. Peace Lily –The peace lily is known to be on the moist side. Although this plant requires water constantly, you shouldn’t add too much.
  2. Dracaena – This indoor plant would be your ideal choice if you prefer looks. Dracaena is known to have long and beautiful green leaves.
  3. Philodendron – The philodendron is a popular indoor plant for enthusiasts. Moreover, the advantage of philodendron is known to attract less insects and flies on its surface. This is when you don’t need to worry about getting rid of those insects and flies on a daily basis.

The information of indoor plants is what every indoor plant enthusiast should be aware of. Melbourne plant hire is another way to learn more about indoor plants.