Mediation – Get Your Favorite Pet Custody With Mediation

Divorce is a traumatic experience, but it can be interesting from the point of view of the beholder. Resigning causes conflict, which is sometimes funny if you try to see it from a different perspective. One of these conflicts is pet custody.

Many divorce cases involve child custody, but there are also those who fight for custody of pets, here animal rights mediators come in handy. This makes a lot of sense, as pets are considered valuable companions. It may be unsettling for some to think that they have to part with a pet they have loved for so long and lose it to someone they are hostile towards. 

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Again, the laws governing pet custody depend on the state. Most states consider pets to be property and therefore have no special legal status. However, there are cases where courts will issue decisions that in some way "humanize" pet custody.

When deciding who should take care of a pet, the court will consider several factors. Some of these factors are:-

Who bought the pet?

Who takes the time and energy to care for them?

How well does this person take care of pets?

Children play an important role in making decisions about how to care for pets. Often pets stay at home with children because they prefer pets. The court also believes that removing pets from children adds to the stress of children during divorce and that it is best to keep pets at home.

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