Selecting The Right Party Vinyl Tent For Different Occasion

Whether you are thinking about getting a party tent or renting for a coming event, you want to be familiar with the different kinds of the tent which can be found in the industry so that you can choose the tent which suits your precise needs and be appropriate to your financial plan.

Please remember that this article doesn't cover camping or hiking tents, but especially focuses on an assortment of party vinyl tent, that is to say, temporary constructions which include outdoor weddings, private functions, and corporate events. 


Conventional pole tents have a very simple exterior appearance. They are generally cheaper and therefore excellent for market weddings, church parties, commercial applications, fairs, festivals, car lot sales, college graduates, and similar occasions. High peak tents have a more beautiful outdoor look with lovely peaks and nice sweeping lines. Neither high peak tents nor regular pole tents are acceptable for deck or terrace. 

Once the top and pavement are attached to the metallic structure, they produce a beautiful enclosed region that is seamless and free from the center. Frame tents might need to be woken up on the perimeter but can only be secured with weights and ballasts. They are therefore somewhat more flexible than stick tents and can be installed on just about any terrain kind, such as patio and deck.

The difference between the two types is in the way the fabric is mounted onto the structure. With standard framework tents, the cloth is only put on top of the metal frame, while using clear span style tents, the cloth is fed to specially designed grooves that are built into the metal framework and keep the fabric firmly.