What is Contact Reflex Analysis?

Contact Reflex Analysis, also called CRA®, is an easy, safe, natural way of analyzing the body’s structural, physical, and nutritional demands. A deficiency in one of these areas can cause or contribute to various acute or chronic health issues.

CRA isn’t a system of identification. It’s a way by which the human body’s reflexes are utilized to correctly determine the source of a health issue.

CRA is also a fantastic preventative technique utilized to locate a problem until it turns into a full-blown wellness dilemma. Find it, correct it. If you want to get in touch with the contact reflex analysis practitioners visit https://www.sheldonwellness.com/services/contact-reflex-analysis/.

CRA Shows the Root of a Health Problem. Many times the symptoms of a health issue are treated while the true origin of the issue continues to go unnoticed. By way of instance, headaches are treated with aspirin, coughs are treated with cough medicine.

If those symptoms persist, expensive tests are conducted and more powerful drugs are prescribed. However, the question remains. What is causing the aggravation? What is causing the cough? There’s hope. CRA differs. CRA fast and correctly uncovers the origin of the health issue and gives responses for adjusting it.

Countless miles of nerves carry electrical power and connect with each organ, gland, muscle, and tissue. There are roughly 75 known reflex areas on the skin that signify various organs, organs, and bone structures.

On a normal office visit whenever you’re getting CRA examined, when completed, the physician will suggest the suitable therapeutic nourishment for your particular case.

When nutrient deficiencies are found, an specific nutritional support system can be provided to help the body cure. In the event the deficiency has a structural element that can’t be assisted by nutrition or nutrition independently, this may also be ascertained so that measures could be taken for these fixes in addition to utilizing chiropractic adjustments.