Why Should You Use a Fixie Bike?

Fixies are more often known as fixie gear bikes as they do not have a gear that needs to be changed every time. These bikes basically work by relying on your pedaling power. Therefore you will be able to achieve more speed only when you are able to pedal faster. 

In case you are planning to use the fixed gear bike on the road, either walking errands or going to work, this is the best option to be considered.You can search online about top single speed wheels at https://riddox.de/32-speichen/high-profil-40mm  (which is also known as “top single speed wheels at https://riddox.de/32-speichen/high-profil-40mm”in German language) These are the ones that are specially made up for the streets in the city.

 You can attest to the benefit of riding the bicycle particularly during the peak hours of traffic.

It will also be very less time-consuming. The fixed gear bikes are specially designed for smooth roads in the same way as the mountain bikes are made up for the mountain slopes. 

Do not try such bikes elsewhere because they are not at all made up for the same and thus do not support the purpose.


Cleaning the parts of the fixed gear bikes is also easy. As the many parts of the bike are exposed and are not at all closed, cleaning becomes easier. If you know the method of removing the grime from the bike and then back to the chain, it is going to be useful for you.