Folding Exercise Bikes – Which One is the Best?

Do you want to find the best folding exercise bikes available on the market? There's a simple solution! A folding exercise bike, much like a mountain bike, folds up small so that it takes up little space, it folds up compact so that it doesn't take up too much room in your apartment, and it's surprisingly affordable.

OK, firstly, what are the best folding exercise bikes? Well there are tons of options out there, starting with brands such as recumbent cycle, Euryten and Nautilus, to name a few. The recumbent is probably the one to get if you're a beginner because of its smooth and quiet performance. If you've done any research on the best way to lose body weight, you'll know that losing excess body fat is much easier than shedding pounds from the bones. For this reason the recumbent exercise bike is often used by those who wish to shed some serious weight (up to 400 pounds) very quickly, which is great news if you're just starting to workout or if you already exercise regularly but wish to make your workouts a bit more convenient.

Folding bikes offer many other advantages as well, of course they fold up compact and are much easier to store away than a regular bicycle. They can be folded up to store in your closet or in the trunk of your car and still provide an excellent workout. The seat will also fold up and be stored out of the way when not in use. Many of the higher-end folding bikes offer ergonomic seats as well as padded handles to make exercising on the bike a comfortable experience.

Another option that's growing in popularity is the foldable upright bike. Folding bikes are especially good for those who live in apartments, because although the seat and back can be collapsed, the front wheel isn't attached to the frame, so folding the bike upside down won't damage the bike's suspension system. The drawback is that the LCD screen may be harder to read in an upright position, but many people find this to be a valid trade-off for the convenience of a folding bike.

Another type of folding bike is called a recumbent exercise bike and was designed to mimic the actual experience of riding a regular bicycle. These exercise bikes offer both comfort and cardiovascular activity and provide resistance for cardio training. Recumbent exercise bikes provide resistance similar to that of a regular bicycle, but without having the saddle touch the ground. Most people who buy these exercise bikes don't realize that in addition to providing the same level of workout as a regular bicycle, they also offer the advantage of eliminating a lot of stress when using a regular bicycle. This is because recumbent exercise bikes provide a lower level of stress on your body as you ride.

While all three types of folding bike have pros and cons, the biggest con is probably the lack of backrest. Most people aren't comfortable with a flat bike seat and a flat backrest offers little in the way of relief while you're pedaling hard. The only way to combat this problem is by purchasing a folding bike that has some kind of backrest, whether it is a built in backrest like those on mountain bikes or a wheeled backrest like those found on exercise bikes. Some models of folding exercise equipment even allow you to change the resistance level from low to high, meaning that you're not always pedaling the same level of resistance. Regardless, of which type of folding bike you choose, you should expect to spend about $200 for your equipment, including the cost of the bike itself.