All About the Night’s Facial Serum

There are a million things that cause skin discoloration, and a facial serum is one of the remedies that can do away with spots and pigmentation. While it may seem like magic, a face serum has little to do with spells and dreams or potions and fairy queens.

The goal of removing discoloration from acne, aging, and overexposure to the elements, is to repair the skin at a cellular level. This will reveal the new, even-toned skin as a result. A nighttime facial toner is rich in vitamins and extracts that will help to revive damaged skin. If you want to know more about facial Serum then you can visit at

So why a nighttime facial serum? Good question. A face serum that is recommended for night use usually contains AHAs or Alpha Hydroxyl Acids. AHAs are known for increasing the skin's clarity by speeding up skin cell turnover. The more new cells are produced and brought to the surface, the clearer and healthier your complexion appear. A skin toner full of AHAs is wonderful, but it does increase sun sensitivity during use.

A skin toner containing AHAs can be wonderful but may increase sun sensitivity. This is why you should only use a powerful source of AHAs such as a facial cleanser at night to protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays.