Interesting Facts About The Best Horror Comics

There is more to horror comics than supernatural action stories. We all love vampires and ghosts and other creepy crawlies that go bump and roll in the night. But, thanks to the incredible creativity and wall-breaking comics, those creatures can sometimes be scarier than they are heroic. Real horror is all about creating a sense of fear, unease and terror in your mind.

This can last long after the page has ended. Many horror comics offer a unique twist on something that is safe and familiar. You could easily compile a list of the top horror comics, best horror manga or other sub-categories. It can be used as some sort of a ‘big picture view’ into the most outstanding horror comics from around the globe. You can even use a comic strip for more information on horror comics.

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The horror genres of psychological horror and supernatural terror are often sub-genres. Sometimes the central threat of a horror story can be seen as a metaphor for larger society fears. Ghosts and demons, werewolves and vampires are all common elements. Folklore and religious traditions have roots in horror.

They include stories about demons and werewolves, as well as witches and vampires. European horror fiction was established by works of the Ancient Greeks, Ancient Romans, and Mary Shelley. Pliny the Younger tells the story of Athenodorus Cananites. A haunted house was purchased by a woman in Athens. 

Athenodorus was careful because the house appeared to be very affordable. He was writing a book about philosophy when he was visited in the courtyard by a ghostly figure tied to chains.