Getting Started With Our Printed Photography Backdrops

Print backdrops, whether they are on paper, vinyl, or fabric, are an affordable way to create a variety of backdrops for your photography.

You can get marble, wood, tiles, and other materials for a fraction of what it costs. You can buy photography backgrounds also for getting the good pictures.

Your printed backdrops will not take over your workspace. They are lightweight and easy to store and transport, so no need to lug heavy objects between shoots.

The backdrop sheets come rolled in cardboard tubes, or flat form if they are sent in a carry-and-store case.

To allow the background sheets to settle, we recommend that you open your package as soon it arrives. Extra thick vinyl backdrops can be popped open and flatten immediately for use.

After being rolled, the paper backdrops may have a soft curve. However, this will disappear in a few hours if laid flat with a few books on top.

If you are looking to start immediately, you can use a few small weights, such as books, rolls of tape, or masking tape to hold your backdrops flat.

Your backdrops will be always ready for you if they are stored flat. You can use printed backdrops in many different ways.

A traditional background (also known by the name "background") is the horizontal surface on which your subject sits – the table if you prefer. Use it as a vertical background or wall behind your subject

You can also make an infinity curve, or scoop, by bending the backdrop sheet so that it covers both the vertical wall surface and horizontal table surface in one sheet.

You will need to attach the sheet to both horizontal and vertical surfaces to create a scoop/curve. As shown below, I use masking tape, weights, and boxes.