Are Dash Cams Illegal?

This is one of those questions, which can’t be answered in a simple yes or no. There is no such federal law outlawing dash cams. However, there are restrictions regarding the placement of dash cams in many states. Certain states have stipulations regarding dash cams recording audio, so there is nothing concrete mentioned in favor or against dash cams in the US federal laws.

In many states, dash cams are banned because they obstruct the view. Dash cams make use of a suction cup mounting system to stay connected to the windshield, and that’s where states have the problem because states don’t want windshields to be obscured by devices like cameras and GPS systems.

The bottom line is that many states don’t want people to install dash cams on the windshield of their vehicles, but that doesn’t mean the states are prohibiting them from installing dash cams anywhere else in the vehicles. You can find another suitable location for your dash cam in your car and record everything ahead and behind your car on the road. To buy the best dash cam, you can check out reviews of best dash cams by consumer reports because this platform is most reliable when it comes to finding the most popular products. So, you can have a look at the reviews and place your order.