Top 10 Bollywood Actresses With Perfect Figure

Women's bodies are perhaps nature's greatest creations, with their tenderness and curves, their sensuality and attractiveness beyond anything else in their aesthetics, and in popular films, this aesthetic charm has always done a lot of work. 

Here is a list of the top 10 best Bollywood actresses at with the perfect figure.

1. Priyanka Chopra

This girl's charm has it all when it comes to perfect curves and sensuality. 

2. Deepika Padukone

With her tall and slender figure, Deepika Padukone arouses envy in the hearts of many other Bollywood actresses. 

3. Shilpa Shetty

Her tall and elegant figure impressed everyone. 

4. Karina Kapoor

Recently, even with exercise and diet control, their numbers have been reduced to zero, leading many to compare them to Hollywood celebrities.

5. Nargis Fahri

She caused quite a stir with her debut film "Rock Star" against Ranbir Kapoor. aesthetic appeal. 

6. Katrina Kaif

Whether it's Chinki Chameli in Agneepath or Kamli in Dhoom3, Katrina Kaif drives viewers crazy with her flawless figure and sensual appeal. 

7. Malayka Arora Khan

Malayka Arora Khan is one of the hottest celebrities in Bollywood with her dancing power and perfect figure. Her article as Munni in Dabaang is one of the most sensual shows of all time.

8. Kangana Ranaut

She is undoubtedly the most attractive newcomer to Bollywood. With her incredible acting talent and perfect curves in all the right places, she seems to be in Bollywood to represent Generation Y. Slowly but surely, she's climbing the ladder of most wanted heroines, and that can be easily predicted.

9. Anushka Sharma

Her mischievous smile and sparkling eyes are the perfect matches for her elegant figure, with which she captured the hearts of millions with her grace and great acting power. 

10. Bipasha Basu

She is the most sensual diva in Bollywood. Bipasha Basu is very healthy and trains every day and follows a strict diet to maintain her heavenly figure.