Is The Wooden Toy Box Making a Return?

Surprisingly, there are not that many suppliers who provide good quality wooden toy boxes, but if you look around you can find a few. Prices range from around £50 to £150 depending on size, quality and design and they are mainly available by mail order.

Many parents are going back to the old style of toys for their kids and one of the first things they buy are wooden toy boxes. These wooden export boxes are not just for children , if a wooden storage box is personally engraved, it also makes the perfect gift for any special occasion, including weddings, retirement, graduation, and more.

Wooden toy boxes are strong and extremely durable, can take any abuse you might give them and are usually made of solid wood, so the bottom will never give way when stuffed with toys. A wide variety of toy boxes made from teak, rosewood, mahogany and maple are popular, and although these are expensive they add aesthetic value to a child's room and are built to last.

Additionally, these boxes are not only a great way to store away children's toys, but also a great way to let a child be creative and decorate the box to his or her own liking.

If a box has an imaginative design, it is a great way to encourage kids to pick up their toys, and these wooden toy boxes are a classic complement to any room and come in a variety of wood finishes, which lets you match it to the style of your child's room or select a finish that will stand the test of time as a family heirloom. Wooden boxes are generally designed to ensure children's little fingers and hands do not get trapped in the top, making them perfect storage answer in any child's bedroom.