Time To Have Party On The Water in Jacksonville

Florida's shores and deserts are world-renowned for blending scenic natural beauty with comfortable access to lodging, food, and attractions. The fact that for years tourists from all over the nation have chosen Florida over more distant places proves there is a benefit to using development on or near the water.

Let's take a peek at the nice beaches and aquatic connections that will be experienced within the shadow of the skyscrapers along with high rises. Know various sources of enjoyment for parties on the water in Jacksonville via https://www.oldtowncyclecruise.com/


Nestled in the Center of Downtown Jacksonville is your Jacksonville Landing. Restored in the mid-1990s as a piece of this higher Jacksonville downtown improvement project, this river-side shopping mall also features excellent dining and live music nearly every night of this week. 

The annual blessing of the fleet happens here every spring at which professional cyclists and enjoyment sailors alike could get their vessel prayed over by representatives of many regional denominations.

An excellent shore and social destination is Huguenot State Park located on the North bank of the St. Johns River approximately two miles from the ocean. Simply take the Dames Point Bridge to Heckscher Drive and delight in a breathtakingly panoramic trip through sleepy little shore hamlets, road-side shrimp sales, and boat ramps which range from mega dry docks to public slips. 

At the end of the road, Huguenot State Park is just one of the very last beaches in Florida that allows driving the sand; each Saturday and Sunday the park is full of locals looking for a soothing escape not to mention that the surf is full of fishing boats for sale enjoying the audiences.