What is Dry Eye Know Its Causes, Symptoms

Dryness of the eyes is a common problem that occurs when tears do not form in the eyes due to which the moisture in the eyes gets depleted. Sufficient tears in the eyes are not formed for several reasons. Non-tearing causes problems such as eye pain, restlessness, redness, and pricking. Typically the amount of tear in the eye is reduced due to the air condition room, bike riding, in the airplane, and on the computer screen continuously for a few hours. Dryness of the eyes can be overcome very easily by treatment.

Therefore, timely treatment is necessary. It also has some symptoms, which, when given attention, you can understand its initial condition. You can also discover the dry eye clinic in Toronto and dry eye specialist at Dr. D’Orio Eyecare.

How common is dryness of the eyes?

Dryness of the eyes is a common condition. It affects women more than men. Millions of people all over the world suffer from eye dryness. By the way, dryness of the eyes can happen to any person, even a healthy person, at any age. But this problem is more common in old people. Also, malnourished people and those with vitamin A deficiency in the body may also have dryness of the eyes. Keep in mind that there may also be a problem with watery eyes. Medication may be required to overcome the problem of watery eyes. Contact your doctor for more information.

What are the symptoms of dryness of the eyes?

Dryness of the eyes usually affects both eyes. In some people, the symptoms of eye dryness start appearing in the beginning whereas in some people these symptoms appear late. Over time, these symptoms of dryness of the eyes begin to appear:

Eye irritation

Reddening and stinging of eyes

Eye ache

Thin eyes tear

Sticky mucus out

Eye sensation

These are the some symptoms of dryness of the eyes.

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