Which is the Best Water Purifying System to Use at Home and at Work?

If you have decided to use purified water, you have a few options available. There are many good quality water purifiers on the market and knowing which one to buy could start a headache all by itself.

One of the most popular systems is the one called 'house in line' type because it has a very high level of filtration and water purification. It also presents the least maintenance troubles, as it is really easy to look after. You can find this particular system in various models including compact models, large models, with one, two or three filter included.

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This system relies heavily on reverse osmosis, activated carbon filter and ceramic water, three technologies that are quite popular nowadays.

Reverse osmosis is used a lot at home specially in the kitchen and you use it by adding pressure to the water in order to force it to come out through a thin purifying membrane that can be replaced when no longer usable.

With this method most of the contaminants are left in the filter. Various minerals and elements including lead, iron, mercury are also stopped from getting in the healthy water. In order for the membrane to be effective, it needs thorough cleaning quite often.

Activated carbon filter basically uses something called activated charcoal. This attracts to the surface the major contaminants that are found in the water. This particular system needs regular changing of its filters so if you are using it, you should be checking it quite often.