Why You Need To Seal Your Stone Countertop

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At some point, you will notice your granite countertops are losing their shine and during this, you may consider if the expense is worth the investment. Here is some information regarding sealing granite countertops, buying new or replacing them, and the toxicity of the sealant. 

The Importance of Sealing 

Granite countertops are a desired home feature as they have a great shine, are long-lasting, and can withstand many things, including spills and daily use. However, eventually, the shine will fade and you may begin to notice scratches, cracks, gouges or stains in your granite countertop, indicating that it requires sealing. Failing to seal them will result in the aforementioned scratches, cracks, gouges and stains becoming more prominent and set. This will mean they will be harder to address later on. 

Replacement Costs

Replacement granite countertops are priced on an m2 basis. If purchasing new, it will set you back between $100-$250 per m2. The cost of restoring the countertop ranges again. Sealing it costs approximately $200 whilst restoring it will cost about $1000. Restoration would include honing back the residual sealant, polishing out any imperfections, and reapplying sealant.


Applying chemicals to food preparation surfaces can cause people concern regarding their toxicity and that leaching into food. However, it is important to note that the sealant is only harmful before it has been set as that is the only time it has the potential to be transferred to other surfaces or objects. Therefore, the sealant is not harmful once it has hardened and set. 

Not sealing granite countertops can have costly adverse effects which will result in either replacement or resealing. Costs associated with resealing the countertops are lower and, once set, is not harmful to people. 



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